Scroll to Earn

as of 24/07/2023

At HYME, we value the time and effort our users invest in exploring crypto projects. That's why we've introduced the innovative "Scroll to Earn" mechanism, rewarding users for their active engagement on our platform.

Higher Engagement, Higher Rewards:

The more time and attention users dedicate to researching projects, the higher they climb on the leaderboard. Every month, the top 50 most active users will share 10% of the revenue generated from subscriptions. Will you be one of them?

Token Buyback and Distribution:

To further incentivize engagement, 10% of the mentioned revenue is used to buy back $HYME Tokens, which are then distributed among the top users. "Scroll to Earn" not only rewards users for their participation but also creates a vibrant and interactive community within HYME.

Earning Points for Engagement:

With our innovative "Scroll to Earn" mechanism, engaging with crypto projects becomes rewarding and interactive. Watch a project trailer for at least 10 seconds, and you'll earn 1 point. Extend your viewing time to 20 seconds or more, and you'll unlock the option to like or dislike the project, earning an extra 1 point. You can earn points for watching trailers of multiple projects, but there's a daily limit of 10 votes available.

Daily Reset and Fair Competition:

Keep in mind, you can only earn points for a particular project once per day. At the start of each day, the count resets, allowing users to accumulate points again and compete for higher positions on the leaderboard. This daily reset fosters regular engagement and ensures a fair and competitive environment for all users.

Likes for Project Popularity:

Project likes on HYME serve as powerful indicators of a project's popularity and reception within our community. These likes provide valuable insights to users and project teams, influencing the overall reputation and visibility of projects on our platform. Projects with more likes are positioned higher in the app, gaining enhanced visibility among our engaged user base.

Join the Journey: Embrace "Scroll to Earn"

Experience the power of "Scroll to Earn" and become an active participant in our engaging ecosystem. Earn rewards for your time, attention, and contributions while staying informed and supporting promising projects.

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