Problems We Are Solving

as of 23/07/2023

We are dedicated to solve several key challenges in the crypto space, to create a win-win situation for both crypto enthusiasts and projects.

  1. Fragmented Information: The crypto landscape is vast and constantly evolving, which makes it challenging for enthusiasts and investors to find reliable and comprehensive information about projects. Information is often scattered across various platforms, websites, and forums, leading to time-consuming and inefficient research processes. HYME solves this problem by providing a platform that aggregates and presents a wide range of crypto projects, making it easier for users to explore, discover, and access relevant information.

  2. Information Overload: The abundance of information and noise in the crypto space can overwhelm users, making it difficult to identify valuable projects and separate them from scams or low-quality offerings. HYME curates and presents projects in the form of captivating trailers, allowing users to quickly grasp the essence of each project and evaluate their potential. By presenting information in an engaging and concise manner, HYME helps users to make more informed decisions and navigate the cluttered crypto landscape.

  3. Lack of Engagement: Engaging with crypto projects is often limited to reading whitepapers, browsing websites, or analyzing data. This passive approach can make the exploration process dull and unexciting. HYME transforms this experience by incorporating interactive elements, such as liking or disliking projects, and implementing the scroll-to-find mechanism. This active engagement not only rewards users but also provides valuable feedback to projects, fostering a dynamic and participatory community where users can contribute to the success of projects they believe in.

  4. Limited Visibility: Many promising crypto projects struggle to gain visibility and don't reach their target audience due to the lack of effective marketing channels. Traditional marketing avenues often have high barriers of entry and limited reach within the crypto community. HYME addresses this challenge by offering marketing possibilities directly within the platform. Projects listed on HYME can leverage the platform's user base and targeted audience to enhance their visibility, showcase their trailers, and generate interest among a highly engaged community of crypto enthusiasts.

  5. Missing Visual Presentation: Instead of relying solely on textual information, users are immersed in a visually appealing experience that brings projects to life. Through carefully selected compelling graphics, users can get a glimpse of each project's unique features, aesthetics, and potential. This immersive visual presentation provides an engaging and user-friendly way to assess projects, sparking curiosity and allowing users to form initial impressions based on the visual appeal and presentation style.

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